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Masturbation Instructions Videos – MILF Seduction

Like we promised we’ve returned with more masturbation instructions videos just for you. And today the mature milf Maria is the main attraction. It’s her second time here doing this and we know she has what it takes. For this one though, she’s taking to the kitchen to have her fun. She takes her seat on the chair and starts massaging her round boobs and sexy body while still dressed. If the sight of this superb woman doesn’t turn you on nothing will. She continues doing that and taking off more and more clothes until you can see her wet pussy.

And that’s all that she needed. Now she’s spreading her legs wide open to see her cunt in all it’s glory, and you also get to see her insert her fingers inside for some great times. As she continues having her fun, she’s also coaching you in jerking off, since she knows you won’t resist her charms. She knows how hot she is, and she knows she’s not going to have a problem turning on guys for her own pleasure. So watch her masturbating as she’s also talking to you in this superb update with this sexy milf. Until next time, we hope you enjoy guys! If you liked this cutie and you wanna see other super hot blondes revealing their perfect body shapes, check out blog. Bye!

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Masturbation Instructions Video – Shower Spy

In this update’s masturbation instructions video we have a rather peculiar case. Seems that this hot and sexy woman was planning to take a shower but she caught you red handed trying to take a peek at her and her hot body. And what to do now. Well she seems like she’s angry but you won’t believe how dirty minded this  blonde is. She just ells you that since it’s a show you want to get from this, that’s what you’ll get. And she also tells you that you’d better respect her every command or she’s going to turn you in to the police. So she tells you to take off your pants and stay in a corner of the bathroom. You’re only allowed to watch, listen and jerk off.

So she continues her shower, while showing off her sexy curves, with her perky and round tits, perfect ass and juicy pink pussy. As she’s instructing you to stroke your dick she also makes her way down to her pussy and starts finger fucking herself while the warm waters pours all over her luscious shapes. And you’d better be keeping up with her as you don’t want her to get angry anymore and threaten you again. So when she’s going to tell you to cum, you’d better do so. enjoy this masturbation instructions video gallery everyone and don’t forget to check out the rest of the updates. Like always we’ll see you next week with the next update and if you can’t resist until then cum inside website and find similar videos. Enjoy!

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Inside Frankie’s wet pussy

Another week and another masturbation instructions porn update. This time Frankie returns again and she’s got more surprises in store for you. For today’s session this lusty blonde planned a jerk off instruction session while she’s having fun with her big dildo in bed. Don’t worry she can still multi-task even though she’s going to fuck herself with that toy just like in auntjudys videos. Haven’t her last two updates taught you anything? Well if you somehow missed them no worries. You only need to see this sizzling hot beauty at work once and you won’t forget her. So watch her as she slowly starts inserting the toy in her eager pussy meanwhile giving you instructions and talking dirty just for you. She’s convinced that you will cum for her when she wants you to. It’s your reward for obeying her every word. Enjoy guys, and see you next time!


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Male Masturbation Instructions

Frankie returns today in our male masturbation instructions for a encore. And boy were we happy to shoot again with this hot and sexy blonde. Seems like most of you kept asking if she’d be back ever again, so we simply asked her. And we also told her about you guys and how big fans of her you became after her first gallery. So she eagerly agreed to return with a male masturbation instruction scene just for you. And this one was even better and a notch up than her last gallery. Enjoy seeing her dressed up all sexy and hot, and watch her take out her big rubber dildo for that extra special something.

So she’s telling you how things are going to go down, She’s going to put that on the wall, and as she’s having her way with it, you’re suppose to imagine that she’s doing that to your cock. Oh don’t worry she’s also going to talk dirty to you, just like before, she’s not simply going to play around by herself. So watch her stroking and sucking on that dildo with a passion while she’s telling you to jerk of fast and hard. She really wants you to blow your load for her and you’d better not disappoint. We’re sure as always that you’ll enjoy seeing this smoking hot woman again and she did say that she may be bag once again. Until then we can only preset you more updates. Enjoy guys, and check out the website if you are looking for similar galleries featuring some stunning models.


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Shay Hendrix Uncovered

Shay Hendrix is a very hot and sexy read head, and today’s main feature in our masturbation instructions videos that we have for you. This superb and sensual babe is here as your jerk off instructor and she plans on using everything that she knows to help you cum. This new addition to our ever growing pantheon of masturbation instructions ladies is a nice one. She really impressed everyone with her first scene and we hope to have her soon again here for even more. But for now you’ll have to just settle with this. She’s not one to disappoint and as soon as the cameras started rolling she took off her clothes to reveal a very sexy and sensual body.

She still keeps on her panties , but that’s just to turn you on even more. To get you hard she just starts rubbing her pussy gently, she knows you like this allot, and she continues to do so until you’re ready to get started. Then she puts her self in a doggie style position and starts insetting her fingers in her ass, essentially finger fucking herself anally while talking dirty for you. There’s no way that this lady won’t get you hard. Anyway, you won’t be disappointed, like we mentioned before, she really impressed us and we know she will impress you too. Until next time you can come inside hot naked women website and find similar videos!


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Milf Masturbation Instructions

The awesome week’s milf masturbation instructions update has Ana, a blonde mature lady with one sexy and sensual body. This hottie wants to have some fun with you. But since you’re on the other side of the screen she can’t really get her way. But she does have something planned so don’t despair. She plans on instructing you how to jerk off while watching her by using her soothing and sexy voice along with her sizzling hot body. So strap yourself in for one hell of a ride. All dressed in some serious clothes, this lady knows how to maintain herself a playful look while also looking like a serous woman. And she does that easily by tying her hair into pigtails. As she takes off each item of clothing she also starts walking around the house, and she knows you’re following her as she keeps telling you to touch yourself, and encouraging you to take out your cock and start stroking it. If you liked this cutie and you wanna see other super hot babes posing sexy for you, check out blog. Until next time!



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Bonnie Rose at the Titty Exam

Masturbation instructions returns this week with another superb and hot lady instructing you to jerk off to her voice while she does the same thing. Her name is Bonnie Rose and she’s always up for putting her body up for display. And this time she’s doing it for you. Undressing, she reveals her super hot and sexy body and her perfect shaved pussy. After which she takes her seat on the white leather chair and she’s all ready to get her show on the road. Her scene with the jerk off instruction will blow you away. She does such a good job that all she’d really need would be only her voice, but she said that she’s also getting turned on as well.

So there’s no need to fret, she won’t just be talking to you, she’ll masturbate along side you too. So watch her take her place on the white leather chair and see her as she spreads her legs wide open. Meanwhile she also starts saying all kinds of dirty things, while also making her way down to her pussy with her hand. As she continues to finger her pussy faster and harder she keeps on her dirty talk, and she plans on doing this until the end of the masturbation instructions, so enjoy! Wanna see other beauties masturbating? If you do, click here and have fun!


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Masturbation Instructions – Webcam masturbation

In today’s Masturbation Instructions gallery we have the lovely Maria using her laptop to talk with her boyfriend and to entertain him. He’s really far away on a business trip but this creative woman has a plan to have her fun and satisfy her man at the same time. For this Masturbation Instructions porn update we would like you to see just how creative this sexy woman got. She proposed her man to have virtual sex with her while they masturbate over the webcam chat. She started taking her clothes off as soon as the conversation started and you can bet the guy was doing the same. She only kept her shirt on her, and took out her silver dildo. And now it was time for the fun to begin.

She started with a light massage in her body while telling her boyfriend all kinds of naughty things to get him in the mood. It seemed that it was working as she continued to speak dirtier and dirtier, until even she felt really turned on. So now grabbing her silver dildo, she inserted it into her pussy and started fucking herself with it. As she kept going the guy was also doing the same, and it seems both of them came at the same time. Now that’s quality entertainment. Like always we hope you enjoyed it, and we’ll see you next time with more. Until then we leave this hot babe and her jerk off instruction session with you. Find similar content inside blog. Enjoy!


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Crystal Coxxx with a cucumber

In this week’s masturbation instructions , Crystal is here to show off her jerk off instructions for the camera and you. This long haired brunette takes to her kitchen for her session as it contains what she needs to show off. This mature babe is about to give you a jerk off instruction that you won’t soon forget. She grabs a cucumber and she’s slowly starting to talk dirty things while she licks and sucks on the big vegetable.

She takes her place on a corner of the kitchen and spreads her legs wide open to give you a nice view of her black and pink lingerie. So without further due, enjoy watching her fuck herself with that vegetable while she’s talking dirty in your ear for an awesome picture gallery. Until next time guys, we hope you enjoy, and don’t forget to stay tuned. If you wanna see other gorgeous babes masturbating for you to jerk off, cum inside


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Masturbation Instructions Porn – Ashleigh Doll

In today’s masturbation instructions porn update Ashleigh Doll has some advice to give you and your new girl-friend. She claims to have the experience necessary to show you how your lady should be treating your cock, and today she’s here to put her knowledge on display just for you. This tattooed lady with shoulder long white hair is one sexy hottie, and since she’s offering advice we think it’s safe to take it as with how hot she is she must’ve had allot of things to try out in bed so far. So just sit back, and enjoy her lesson.

As she takes her clothes off she just keeps her glasses on and her cute pink panties. And now she’s asking you to take your cock out and start paying attention. As she starts touching herself she’s telling you and showing you how to touch your woman. After some time as she gets really horny she turns the whole thing into a JOI session, telling you how to stroke your dick harder and faster, as she’s masturbating herself. We’ll just leave this with you and hope you enjoy it. We’ll see you next time with more updates everyone, enjoy and bye! Cum inside blog and see other gorgeous babes masturbating for you to jerk off! Bye!


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